We often get asked what tools Bill uses. We will be telling you about them on this page. We’ll start with his favorite tool, the scroll saw. We will be adding others as we go along. Bill’s favorite and most often used tool is the Eclipse Scroll Saw. These saws can only be purchased directly from Ernie Mellon in New Kent Virginia. His phone number is 804-779-2478.


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What makes this the best tool: This saw has a true vertical movement and 1 1/2inch stroke. Other saws have a front to back movement of the blade due to swining on an arc. This saw does not have that. Other saws also have a shorter stroke. This means that on thicker projects the saw blade never comes out of the work and heat builds up and causes the blade to break. On the Eclipse the blade comes out of the work and you do not have the heat build up therefore the blades last longer. Scroll Saw Blades. Bill uses exclusively Flying Dutchman Blades. They are made in Germany and imported into this country by Mike Moorlach. Mike is a wealth of knowledge on scroll saw blades and is very helpful with any questions. His web site is